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Leisure Care’s Autumn 2018 LivFun Publication


A product of the Wise Publishing Group, Seattle. Designed and produced by MLI Design.

LeisureCare’s Summer 2018 LivFun Publication

Content and publishing by Wise Publishing Group, Seattle. Design and production by MLI Design.

Winter 2017 Issue of LivFun

A Wise Publishing magazine design and production by MLI DESIGN, for the residents and their families of LeisureCare.

Initial cover design comps for the Autumn 2017 issue of LeisureCare’s LivFun magazine.

Cover_Vol6-Issue3-Cover-D Cover_Vol6-Issue3-Cover-C Cover_Vol6-Issue3-Cover-B

Spring 2017 Issue of LivFun by MLI


Livfun Spring 2016 Edition

First issue of the 5th year, art directing and producing the LivFun publication with Wise Publishing, for the residents of the LeisureCare facilities across the country.

LeisureCare’s, LivFun – Winter 2015 Publication / Designed & Produced by MLi Design




LivFun Vol-4 Issue-1 Spring Issue


We are in the 4th season of working for the Wise Publishing Group, Seattle, to design and produce this quarterly publication for the residents and families of LeisureCare.

New Seattle Publication & Web Site… Seattle Wise

Every once in a while a new client or project comes along that is an absolute perfect fit. The last time that happened was when MLi was awarded the contract for branding and designing the national marketing campaign of Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled.” Everything about Creative Director Michael Inks’ resume and life experiences, had prepared him for that client and that subject matter…another story for another time, perhaps.

This time the product is a publication… a print and web publication focused and targeted to the 50+ residents of Seattle and surrounding Puget Sound area. Founded by long time Seattle resident Max Wells, “Seattle Wise” is a savvy and sophisticated, yet laid back, fun, inspiring and enlightening publication… a perfect reflection of the spirit of the city.
“Anyone who’s ever visited or lived in Seattle, clearly identifies with the uniqueness of the waterfront area… One is left in spell-like awe, from the earthy/seaside yet somehow sophisticated and enchanting charm… This is the key inspiration we want to draw from for branding elements of the Seattle Wise brand.” —Mike Inks / Creative Director MLi Design
Above is a comp design for the initial Web site. MLi is also currently working on the first print issue of the publication that is scheduled for release June 2011.