Into the ceiling

Branding, Art Direction and production by MLI Design

“What’s that noise?”

Max pops open his eyes and wonders.

Seeing a colorful, sparkling ring of soft wind swirling around an open hole in his bedroom ceiling, Max calls his younger sister, Anna, to join him. Believing this must be a Christmas Eve dream, he climbs into the ceiling to discover what’s beyond the comfort of his cozy bedroom.

With Anna by his side, they are transported to a beautiful snow-covered street with thousands of sparkling lights and wooden sidewalks lined with inviting shops and dazzling decorations.

On one very special Christmas Eve, Max and Anna meet eight shop owners who welcome them with hugs, know them by name, and know why they are there. Max and Anna receive a rare opportunity to find out that:

Love never dies.

We are never alone.

Every generation is connected to family

of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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Brand Identity Design for PARKINSON’S PLACE – Nevada


Isolation and fear are devastating issues within the Parkinson’s community. At PPLV, we connect with, empower, and inspire this group by providing local resources and support to help people with Parkinson’s refresh their perspectives and live their lives to the fullest.